Join Our Fishing Club

Welcome, we are a sport fishing and social organization who meet and socialize with like-minded folks and also help to conserve our marine environment for the future. We also encourage kids to fish and sponsor an annual Kids Fishing Kamp.

Enjoy lots of great camaraderie at both our dinner meetings and events. We also encourage all members to be generous in sharing information about their fishing experiences. The Hilton Head Plantation Fishing Club is dedicated to promoting sport fishing for all species on the over 40 Plantation Ponds and nearby salt water adventures. Membership is restricted to Hilton Head Plantation Property owners.

Throughout the year fishing charters are arranged by our charter chairman and there are weekly fishing activities on Plantation Ponds. Members do not have to engage in these events to gain knowledge and pleasure from being a club member. All these activities help assist and educate our club members to become better anglers.

We also have knowledgeable speakers at every dinner meeting that present a wide variety of interesting topics.

Membership in the Hilton Head Plantation Fishing Club

Club dues are collected in September of each year for the following year.  Because of the pandemic, the dues for 2021 were reduced to $10 and members who paid these dues in September 2020 won’t be required to pay dues for 2022. Dues for 2023 will be due in September of 2022 and will return to the normal rate of $15/ea.

  • Members of the fishing club must live in Hilton Head Plantation.
  • A “Youth” member must have an adult family member in the club or be sponsored/mentored by a club member who will be responsible for their actions. The parent or guardian of a youth member must sign the liability waver.
  • All members are eligible to participate in club events including fishing tournaments.
  • Members are encouraged to volunteer for the annual “Kids Kamp”.
  • Members must follow all South Carolina fishing rules for fresh and salt waters, and have the appropriate fishing license. A license is not required for residents fishing in the Plantation's freshwater lagoons. See DNR Regulations. 
  • Members must practice “catch and release” in the freshwater ponds. An injured fish should not be returned close to an alligator.
  • Members are encouraged to attend the monthly dinner/speaker meetings. Most dinners are “buffet style” and members (including guests) are expected to bring enough food for eight. Guests that attend more than once are required to join the club. Youth members can attend with an adult family member or sponsor.  An e-mail is sent prior to each meeting to confirm attendance and assign food responsibilities. Members are asked to bring either a main course, salad, or a desert.
  • Members attending dinners are selected at random to serve as hosts and help with cleanup. Hosts don’t have to bring food (but can). A member won’t have to host more than once every 2 years. See Host Responsibilities

Membership Form

To join the Hilton Head Plantation Fishing Club or to renew your membership please complete the membership form and mail it to the address provided.  The parent or guardian of a Youth member must sign the liability waver and return with the membership form.