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2021 Dinner Schedule Will Be Released Soon
Dinners Held at the Plantation House at 6:00 PM Unless Otherwise Noted

Dinner Host Responsibilities

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Eight people are selected to host each fishing club dinner meeting.  Names are drawn at random and no one will need to host more than once in two years. The club president selects one person to serve as the coordinator. Hosts are not required to bring food but can if they would like to.


  • The coordinator must get a key to the Plantation House (from the scheduling office 843-681-8090) by 4:30 PM the night of the dinner.
  • The coordinator will pick up keys to the fishing club cabinets from Jeff McLaren (843-715-2607) at least two days before the dinner and check the supplies (plates, napkins, etc.) THE FISHING CLUB CABINETS ARE THE UPPER AND LOWER CABINETS ON THE RIGHT SIDE, IN THE CENTER (across from the utility sinks).


  • The coordinator will select one (or more) person to bring rolls and/or bread to slice. Two or three baguettes are suggested. If the bread is not pre sliced, it should be sliced at home. The bread is placed in the baskets located in the fishing club cabinets.
  • One tub of margarine.
  • Oven mitts and dish towels


The hosting team should arrive at 4:45 PM to:

  • Turn on the oven.
  • Put out tablecloths and any decorations. Paper or plastic precut tablecloths are supplied and are rolled together in a box located in the closet under the clock.
  • Tables and chairs will be set up before you arrive.
  • Stack paper plates and napkins at the corners of the food table.
  • Place trash cans (in kitchen) around the room.
  • There will be two long tables for food. Arrange the incoming food so that each table has equal choices of salads and main courses. Mats for hot food and serving utensils are in the lower kitchen
  • Bread is placed on the small center table between the long food tables Desserts are placed on the table near the back left corner


  • Wash all utensils used by the club.
  • Place utensils, mats and unused supplies back in cabinets and lock the cabinets.
  • Vacuum floors. (Vacuums are in the closet to the right of the bathrooms)
  • Clean kitchen.
  • All garbage must be put in the dumpster outside the kitchen door.
  • Recycle bins must also be emptied. Contents are to be placed in the recycle can next to the dumpster. If there is no recycle can, contents may be emptied in the garbage dumpster.
  • All garbage and recycle cans are to be relined with clean plastic bags (found under main sink).
  • Turn off all lights, don’t forget restrooms. The light in the front foyer is to stay on for security purposes.


  • The Plantation checklist should be completed by a member of the host committee and returned with the key by 11:00 AM the following morning.
  • Return supply cabinet keys to Jeff McLaren.
  • Present receipts for any expenditure to the club treasurer for reimbursement.

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