Largest Bass

 Largest Bass Tournament

The largest bass tournament will continue in 2022. The contest periods are for each calendar month. Send a picture of your bass and the scale reading to Hopefully, you are strong enough to hold the bass up with one arm while taking a picture with your other hand. Post your pictures to the Forum.

Monte Bentz is the 2020-2021 winner with his largest bass at 7.08 Lbs.


  • Submit a picture of your bass and the weight at the Forum.
  • The bass must be caught with a rod and reel. Nets, shotguns, and gaffs are strictly forbidden.
  • You cannot fill the bass with lead shot before weighing.
  • You may not take the bass home, freeze it, and then weigh.
  • You may not use a previously caught and mounted bass.
  • You must have fun.